Ambassador of the Month 

    Krista Simonson

    Simonson Team RE/MAX





    Your Name: Krista Simonson                   


    Name of business: Simonson Team RE/MAX Professionals


    Your Title: Realtor Extraordinaire


    How long have you been with/owned this company? I have been owner of the Simonson Team since 2001.


    What is the mission/vision of your company?  We strive to be a premier real estate company in our community by providing superior service to our clients while constantly delivering professional and industry leading representation to all we serve.


    What do you most like about your job?  Building our business while being a part of our community is my passion realized.


    Do you have hobbies, interests, family, etc that you would like people to know about? I love spending time with my family, cooking and traveling.  Between my youngest daughter’s in theatre productions and my oldest daughter’s college lacrosse, I would say that I have a full and wonderful life!


    What do you like most about being an Ambassador for the Chamber? It has not only allowed me to build my business circle, but it has given me a great opportunity for amazing friends.