Ambassador of the Month 

    Ann Marie Weaver

    Heartland Payroll





    Your Name:              ​Ann Marie Weaver 
     Name of business: ​  Heartland Payroll & Human Resources 
     Your Title:      ​         Territory Manager/ Senior Product Advisor 
    How long have you been with/owned this company?  ​ 17 years of payroll/human resources experience. I am a subject matter expert in payroll/HR and constantly hone my craft of supporting small business. 
    What is the mission/vision of your company?      ​Heartland Payroll & Human Resources is all about an exceptional client experience merged with cutting edge payroll platform that unifies multiple functions within a company - human resources, onboarding, tax credits, general ledger interface, benefits administration interface, and more.  
    What do you most like about your job? ​  What I like most about my job is the values my company upholds every day:  care, focus, quality, transparency, doing the right thing.  I know, like and trust the people I work with - which is unheard of in our industry.  Exceptional product with exceptional values. 
    Do you have hobbies, interests, family, etc that you would like people to know about?  My family - immediate and extended is what grounds me.  Married to Dave, 3 teenagers in high school and 3 dogs!  We love to travel both domestic and international.  We absolutely love skiing and totally count our ski days!  Other interests - running & yoga so I can cook & entertain alot!. 
    What do you like most about being an Ambassador for the Chamber?  I enjoy being an Ambassador because I understand first hand how challenging owning a business can be. I think of the Ambassador role as an added benefit to membership in these ways:  ~ increase community connection and involvement.  ~ help raise awareness of a business for business owners  ~ guide members towards a very positive, consistent chamber member experience ~ “pay it forward”