Ambassador of the Month 

                  Cathlyn DePaiva


    Name of business: Pro Disposal & Recycling

    Your Title: I wear several hats 😊

    How long have you been with/owned this company? I have been with THE NEW Pro Disposal & Recycling for 2 years

    What is the mission/vision of your company? Mountain Waste / Pro Disposal & Recycling and its employees are committed to values.  These values are core to the way we operate as a company, how we provide quality customer service, and how we demonstrate our commitment to the environment.  The segments of the leaf in our logo represent these six core values.

    What do you most like about your job? A Trash Lady’s life is not glamorous 😊   What I most like about the industry is meeting new people and offering innovative solutions for their waste, recycling and sustainability needs.  

    Do you have hobbies, interests, family, etc that you would like people to know about? Family adventures, work, dancing, attempting to golf and shopping (my happy place).

    What do you like most about being an Ambassador for the Chamber? I can’t just pick one thing, all the experiences I’ve had as an Ambassador have been AWESOME!  I have a blast participating in the ribbon cuttings, business after hours, special events and socializing with the Ambassador team.  I believe serving the community through the Chamber as an Ambassador has allowed me the privilege of welcoming and building relationships with other key business partners in the area, it’s a great way for a local business to be involved with a community!  I also really enjoy educating my customers on the do’s and don’ts of recycling.